WWE Raw: Did Asuka declare war on Becky Lynch?

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Asuka gave Becky Lynch the sap – and – Kairi Sane in what might be interpreted as a declaration of war on the champion.
Lynch was teaming to confront the equally freshly-minted womens tag title holders within an two-on-two clash on Monday nights Raw.
The Lass Kicker, who successfully defended her crown in Hell In A Cell contrary to Sasha Banks, had Sane at the Dis-Arm-Her and had been closing in about the triumph when she was sprayed by Asukaspoisonous substance that is green.
Seemingly blinded, Sane piled up the champion to wrap a win for her team up and secure a accomplishment that was personal as the Kabuki Warriors star continues to go upwards.
Nikki Cross along with dethroned ex-champs Alexa Bliss raced following the bell to tangle . however, it was noticeable that Lynch had been their target in what would turn into a new war in the womens division.
Things are tough for Rusev. Not only did Baron Corbin and Randy Orton leap the man mountain prior to his match against the Viper, he had to survive the latest chapter in his wife Lanas affair .
Lashley was wearing Rusevs robe because he broadcastlive from his sack, and the agony was deepened when Lana disclosed shed transferred all the bank account of the couple into her name.
Such provocation was more than Rusev will endure, and he unleashed a major fury on both Corbin and Orton as a sample of what could be to come when he traces in the Team Flair vs Team Hogan game in Crown Jewel on October 31.
Lacey Evans had her WWE careers game so far when she squared away underlast-woman-standing principles.
Evans arrived on it, however, it was the Queen of Harts who picked up the win come-from-behind style, epic to depart Evans in a heap beside the stage.
WWEs Lady implements and answered Natalya aggression and mastered chunks of this game. She even strapped an announce chair and Natalya together by using a Kendo stick.
The Canadian only refused to keep down, nonetheless, and also a defeated Evans looked to put the match out with a suplex off the side of the point, however, Natalya escaped and also delivered a giant powerbomb off the face of the stage that delivered Evans through a table and left her unable to reply that the count of 10.

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